New Arrival!

© Sarah Whiteley

Sometimes there’s a reason you wake up 15 minutes before your alarm goes off. Sometimes it’s because the Universe has something to show you that you might not otherwise see.

Coyote’s new baby fledged sometime in the wee hours and I got to stumble across the new arrival. I was thrilled to see all three of them – Coyote, Coyote’s mate (who needs to be called something other than just ‘Coyote’s mate’) and Knock-Knock guarding baby. Even though they were calm about my approach, I stayed only long enough to get off a few shots with the camera so as not to disturb baby. Welcome to the world, sweet one!

Be well, my friends!


4 Responses to “New Arrival!”

  1. A wonderful and exciting surprise indeed.

  2. Fantastic! Just out of the nest–his eyes are still blue! You are a trusted presence in their world, for sure, or they would never have allowed your camera to point in this little one’s direction. I hope this tenuous life has fared well with Coyote and fam watching over. Your ability to photograph these birds is rare, your soul-connection with them is apparent in your work. I would buy the coffee-table book! Seriously! Have you ever thought of compiling your crow photos and showing them in some capacity??

    • there turned out to be a second baby this year as well, but he was looking unwell (as if he’s just not thriving) last weekend… I very gently shooed him off my front step last weekend as there’s quite a lot of foot and dog traffic and didn’t want him to get smooshed… his parents were nearby keeping an eye on him, so I know he’s at least still being cared for… poor little guy – this heat coming our way won’t be fun for any of them I’m sure

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